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9. Do you use a time clock or a time card?

a.) Although no special record of hours worked (daily and for the workweek) is required, a time clock or a time card is evidence that you are complying with the Wage and Hour regulations.

b.) The time clock or time card is not proof-positive against violations. There should be written instructions posted alongside the time clock or time cards which cover every circumstance (see suggested "Notice To All Employees" on the last page).

c.) If you have knowledge of any violations of the rules which you have established about "hours worked" give the employee written warning and keep a dated carbon copy of your warning in your personnel file.

d.) Since the burden of proof is the employer's, each employer should provide a system using either a time clock or a time card.

e.) Since most of the arguments over Wage and Hour have to do with hourly records and hourly rate of pay, we suggest that you adopt and post a notice on your bulletin board similar to the poster sample, (see last page) revised to suit your organization.

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