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4. Do you have records required by the law on file for the past three years?

Employers are required to keep records on wages, hours and other items listed in the record-keeping regulations. Most of the required information is the kind employers usually keep in ordinary business practices and in complying with other laws and regulations. No particular form of record keeping is necessary. The following records must be kept on each employee entitled to the minimum wage and premium overtime pay (some are required, and others are for substantiation of claims you may be requested to prove).

a.) Name, home address, and birth dates (if under 19).

b.) Sex and occupation.

c.) Hour and date when the workweek begins.

d.) Regular hourly pay rate for any week when overtime is worked.

e.) Hours worked each workday and total hours worked each workweek, including daily "ins" and "outs".

f.) Total daily or weekly straight-time earnings.

g.) Total overtime pay for the workweek.

h.) Deductions or additions to wages.

i.) Total wages paid each pay period.

j.) Date of payment and pay period covered.

RECORDS MUST BE AVAILABLE and opened at any time for inspection and transcription by the authorized representatives of the Divisions. Upon written request, employers may be required to make extensions, recomputations, or transcriptions of their records and submit reports on persons employed, the wages, hours, and other conditions and practices or employment set forth in their records.

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