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Sample Notice to Place Beside Time Clock or in Employee Lounge

An Outline of Information That Your Employees Need to Know About the Wage & Hour Laws


Our industry is subject to all the provisions of the Wage-Hour Law. This Law was not particularly designed for our industry, but inasmuch as we can come within the meaning of the definition, it is very important that we live up strictly to all the provisions of the law. Management has no alternative. We simply must insist upon the following rules be followed:

1. Working time starts_____AM every morning and we close at _____PM. Every employee will be expected to take (one hour) (one-half hour) for lunch.

2. "Clock in" when you start in the morning, "clock out" at noon, "clock back in" when you start at noon, and "clock out" when you quit work.

3. Under no circumstances are you to clock anyone else's time card, nor is anyone else to clock yours. It makes no difference if they are standing right by your side, EVERY employee is to clock his own card.

4. If you have to be off, run downtown on an errand for yourself or go to a funeral, or are called home on an emergency, you are to clock out and then clock back in when you return to work. HOURS MUST BE KEPT PERFECTLY. "Coffee breaks" are generally considered hours worked and need not be clocked in or out.

5. If you have to be off due to your own personal illness, take your time card to the Manager and he will "OK" it for payment in accordance with our policy for personal sickness. The Manager will also follow the established policy of our organization with respect to holidays and vacations.

6. If you have a key to the building and have to come back after hours to service a customer, clock in and out when you arrive and leave. The Manager will check each clocking after hours with you. This is a must. Accurate hourly records of all time worked MUST be kept.

7. If you ever find it necessary to do some work after you have already clocked out for the day...clock back in and then clock out when your worked is completed.

8. If you ever forget to clock your card, take your card to the Manager as soon as you discover you forgot to clock it. Don't let it go any longer than absolutely necessary.

9. Our regular workweek consists of _____ hours. If you have to miss some work, see the Manager and he will try to arrange for you to make it up. However, it must be made up within the same workweek. Hours in excess of the regular workweek must be approved by the Manager.

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