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How to be Successful in a Customer Driven World

Source: Fleet Management Weekly

Hundreds, if not thousands of books, have been written on the critical skills needed to be successful in today’s corporate environment. Rapid technology changes, multi-generational teams, and global competitiveness are just a few reasons why it is important to be adaptable, collaborative and organized in order to keep pace with the complex dynamics of today’s workforce. Honing these three skills can open doors – allowing you to take on new responsibilities and to grow within your organization.

Let’s start with adaptability.  In order to stay relevant within your company, you need to stay engaged in new trends and ideas, and leverage those solutions to drive results for both your clients and your company.   Believing that today’s processes will work to solve tomorrow’s challenges is a way to get labeled as “outdated” and can result in you being overlooked. Being open to change and adapting accordingly will not only help you personally, but also will positively impact your team and results.

Collaboration starts with being a good listener and being open to opposing ideas. It not only opens you up to new ideas, it fosters an environment where others feel comfortable sharing their thoughts. The old saying, “Two heads are better than one” emulate the collaboration skill.   Allowing others to bring their best to the table versus trying to solve on your own often equates to a better outcome.

The last skill to examine is organization. This is the skill that keeps us sane and in control.   Setting priorities and delivering per your deadlines build your credibility with your co-workers and clients.   Organization is the gas for that engine. Without this skill, one can easily fail with even the most basic necessities of returning a call or email in a timely manner.

Practicing and finding ways to incorporate these critical skills into your work environment will improve the likelihood of success, and certainly your job satisfaction.  I am sure the thousands of books on this key topic provide other ideas and examples, but these are certainly the skills that I have used to grow my career.

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