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As Software-Defined Vehicles Rise, Big Brother Isn’t the Only One Watching

Source: Fleet Management Weekly

The massive amount of data software-defined vehicles collect about us is bound to be a headache for consumers, an ethical dilemma for automakers and third-party companies, and a target for bad actors.

If a car scanning your face and fingerprint seems alarming, it pales in comparison to the privacy risks autonomous vehicles bring to the table. A robust autonomous vehicle suite likely includes radar, lidar, cameras, precise GPS data, and a high-speed internet connection. Less scrupulous actors can use this info to figure out a driver’s home and work addresses, habits, demographics, and more.

Even as automakers and suppliers take privacy seriously, some third parties don’t appear to. Automotive data monetization could be a $750 billion business by 2030, and a slew of companies have popped up since then in an attempt to grab a slice of that pie.

via MotorTrend

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