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Brightly-Colored Vehicles Lose the Least Amount of Their Value

Source: Fleet Management Weekly

 When choosing a car or truck, the buyer often considers the vehicle’s color. It’s only natural. But the color a consumer chooses will affect its resale value, according to an extensive analysis by

The results were surprising. White, black, and silver may be the most common colors on the lot but they may not be the most desirable. In the depreciation analysis, vehicles painted black lost 16.1% of their value. White cars depreciated by 15.5%. Silver wasn’t much better, shedding 14.8% of its value. On the other hand, a yellow car lost only 4.5% of its value.

Yellow is among the least popular car colors with the lowest vehicle share, but because yellow cars are so rare, some people are willing to pay a premium when they find one. After yellow, orange ranks second as the color that holds its value best, for much the same reason – there aren’t that many of them.

via Consumer Affairs

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