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Trends Q4 Report by Element: Ukraine War Negatively Impacts Energy Market

Source: Fleet Management Weekly

The ongoing war in Ukraine has negatively impacted energy markets in a significant way for the unforeseeable future.

Such a scenario coupled with all-time high inflation rates will continue to contribute to volatile prices and make evaluations around trends such as fuel, acquisition, and supply chain even more critical to keep fleets running profitably.

Keeping up with evolving market developments and being agile will position your business to manage fleet costs amidst uncertainty. Download the 2022 Q4 Trends Report brought to you by Element.

Macroeconomic trends covered in this report:

Sustainability: New investment in charging infrastructure is a positive step towards driving fleet electrification. Take advantage of this tailwind to start planning your EV transition.

Acquisition: Many manufacturers paused or reduced vehicle production due to the microchip shortage. The average vehicle delivery time is 150 days. To accelerate the ordering process, consider ordering standard vehicle options.

Fuel: After a short relief at the pump during summer, fuel prices are rising again. Plan for a budget increase and use tools to monitor fuel spend, such as telematics and fuel fraud programs.

Safety: New data from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety demonstrates significant reduction in crash rates. As winter approaches, review safety policies while adopting crash avoidance technologies to increase driver safety.

Download the fourth edition of the quarterly market report Trends brought to you by Element Q4 2022.


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