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What are the benefits of Group Rating?

Group rating is a program that allows small and medium-sized employers, whose workers' compensation premiums ordinarily exceed their claims losses, a chance to save premium dollars.

The Bureau of Workers' Compensation allows individual employers with similar risk characteristics to combine or "pool" together for the purpose of group rating. As a group, employers are able to take advantage of reduced workers' compensation premiums.

You are invited to apply for this outstanding savings opportunity with the Ohio Valley Automotive Aftermarkrt Association! If eligible, you may be able to save significantly on your workers' compensation premiums.

Finding out whether you are qualified for group rating and how much you can save is easy. The plan administrator, Compensation Consultants Inc. (CCI) sends out pre-enrollment forms (AC-3 "Temporary Authorization") forms.

CCI will perform a free, no-obligation analize of your workers' compensation record to determine your eligibility.

Remember, even if you are in another group rated plan, you should take a look at this one. You may be afforded even greater savings and benefits. Additionally, if you have been turned down for group rating in the past, you should also apply. You may be eligible because your merit rating modifier varies from year to year.

Apply Soon. You only need to complete a
"temporary authorization" form. To receive one immediately, call the CCI office at
(800) 837-3299.

But, don't delay! The Bureau of Workers' Compensation only allows employers to enroll in a workers' compensation group rated program once a year. Now is your opportunity to apply for the upcoming year.

For more information on what group rating can do for your company, call CCI today at (614) 764-7600 or (800) 837-3299.

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