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(OAC 4123-17-68 (G) Group experience safety program requirements: The sponsoring organization or its representative shall communicate, educate, and promote the following key safety program parameters to group members):

The 9 Key Safety Parameters

(1) A written safety and health policy signed by the top company official that expresses the employer's values and commitment to workplace safety and health.

(2) Visible senior management leadership that promotes the belief that the management of safety is an organizational value.

(3) Employee involvement and recognition that affords employees the opportunity to participate in the safety management process.

(4) A program of regular communications on safety and health issues to keep all employees informed and to solicit feedback and suggestions.

(5) Orientation and training for all employees.

(6) Published safe work practices so that employees have a clear understanding of how to safely accomplish their job requirements.

(7) Assigning an individual the role of coordinating safety efforts for the company.

(8) Early return-to-work strategies to help injured or ill workers return to work.

(9) Internal program verification to assess the success of company safety efforts, to include audits, surveys, and record analysis.

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